Mist-Shattered Realms

July 17th

July 17th

At the Inn

The next morning, much to Inspector Zirrus’ surprise, Gzansit shared the scroll we found in the vault beneath Gardol’s Town Hall.

Zirrus called the scroll (which was research from which the original mist spell was made) arcane trash. She said The Architects may want to refine their magics or prevent others from discovering them, which explains why they desired this artifact.

We revealed our theories- that much of the town might already be dead, and that the hunger trapped inside the Church seemed to be keeping them alive artificially. And, that once a month, upon the New Moon, someone from the town, usually a visitor, would wander into the Church and never return.

She said she needed to see what was inside the church, and was willing to burn it down and sort through the ruins- as she alone dared not go inside. As we said we were willing, she agreed to join us.

We talked to the town Mayor before embarking. He seemed to think the idea that the church was somehow related to their famine was all myth- and that the Church must be simply haunted by some undead or the like. Gzansit suggested leaving livestock out for this may dull the hunger sufficiently as to avoid human sacrifice.

At the old Church, we battled what looked like the ghosts of the priests who originally started this spell. Upon reducing their life force, they regained normal consciousness and stopped trying to possess us and move into the hunger to be devoured. It seemed that the ghosts were trying to have everyone relive their death- over and over.

Although he did not die, the hunger managed to get Thotham, biting him again and again dealing plenty of damage. He managed to grab whatever was on the altar, but simply got a prayer book.

The priests then asked us what we were doing here. As the party questioned him, we discovered that the priests did not intend for their spell to do what it did. They thought they were protecting everyone, not summoning this thing. And for that- they have been trapped here for 30 years, constantly feeding it every new moon, when their lunar magic is too weak to hold the hunger and they must feed it. While their monthly sacrifices have kept it at bay for 30-years, it has been growing slowly, and shall continue to, unless they feed it at an increased schedule.

Party rested from their fight with the trap haunt, then went shopping. Feathers left with a couple sets of fishing gear for Gardol.


An old man approached the party. Gzansit saw through his illusions however; he was actually a dwarf, and the necromancer which was seeking the junglerazor book. Gzansit turned him in to Inspector Zirrus, and after a long chase, they caught him, and she tattooed his hand. The party acquired a rod and a silk web holding a hatchling red dragon’s soul from the necromancer, and immediately turned the rod into essentia, then a shiny dagger.



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