Mist-Shattered Realms

July 19th

July 19
The party, waking up at the Inn in Genne, discusses its options with regard to the Hunger. Tonight is the new moon, and we know that it will devour a victim tonight. We decide to stop the hunger from feeding tonight, to buy some time. For a week, we will reverse engineer the original ritual. Another week, altering it to destroy it. And at the full moon, we destroy the hunger!

Zirrus comes to our room, and asks for help retrieving some things from a tomb near by. And, she has a secret mission, which she cannot tell us unless we accept to embark upon it. For either of these tasks, she offers a letter of mark, which allows anyone named a licensed Chessenta government agent, including right of execution of any servants of Waukeen within the borders or elsewhere. The letter of mark will protect legal arcane usage as long as you permit no crimes against the government of Chessenta.

Crimes include:
  • Violence to an official of the government
  • Anything which qualifies as treason

Party decides that this is a good idea, Chessenta is not mis-algined with our goals. And, Chessenta is against the Waukeenites, which the party has killed, and will likely kill again. Thus, Imaskar is our enemy (Imaskar is home to the church of Waukeen and The Architects).

We agree to the secret errand with Zirrus, in exchange for her delaying a day and fighting the hunger with us tonight. The High Warlord's (Queen's) Brother went missing a few days ago. He was out hunting and disappeared. A rescue party followed his trail to a labyrinth, about a day west of Genne. No one was able to find him within it.

Zirrus was instructed to gather whatever resources she could and attempt to penetrate the labyrinth and rescue him before he is devoured by the strange monsters lost inside. She explains discreteness is required as his disappearance has not been announced, and should the public discover he is missing, his admirers will start blaming his sister, staring a potential civil war or uprising.

Penny, through knowledge in some of her bardic songs, tells us the labyrinth was made by a powerful wizard convict. The government was chasing him down, and he was sick of running, and decided to make it impossible for people to find him. He built a new home, the entrance which which is a labyrinth, filled with random monsters he found wondering around the realm. They are now lost within the labyrinth. Legend has it, if he is still alive, no one has hard from him for the last decade, and he is likely insane.

Rhodri joins the party at the Inn, having overheard our next mission. We immediately trust him.

Waiting until nightfall, just outside the church, the party ties a goat to a poll. Three ghosts of the priests of selune leave the church, and engage the party in combat.

After the combat, we talk to the priests. They agree to allow us to borrow the holly symbol from the basement/storage so long as we return it to a living priest of selune. Andrew takes the oath to do so. We also convince them to visit the mayor of the town and explain the situation to him.

The ghosts go through the floor, and from the side of the church, out comes a nagga bearing a holy symbol in its mouth, it deposits it at our feet, then slithers away from us, back through the myst. We identify it as "Moonlight Medallion" level 7 Holy Symbol. Sacrifice any divine encounter power to cast divine glow. Any cast gives you CHA mod +1 to attacks, and it is also a Holy Symbol +2.

The ghosts follow us into town, and go through the walls, into the bed chamber of the mayor. The mayor runs out the door in his bed clothes and says "I believe you now!"

The party stays up all night learning what we can from the ghosts to decipher the notes of the spell that cast the hunger. Those four members with arcana cast checks. And made endurance checks to continue all night without penalty. Those who fail lost a healing surge.

Though it cost 150% of what it should have, we established a ritual which will bind all the hunger in an area, chaining it into one space. DM explains: it takes the spirit of the geographical area, separating its hunger. It takes something whole and immaterial, makes it not whole, and takes the hunger part of that whole and makes it material. It's an 8th level ritual, and we are unsure if the party can cast it. And we probably need three casters to use it effectively. At the moment, it is in an incastable state, and if anyone dies, we lose the work we've done. It will cost 680gp to write it out.



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