Mist-Shattered Realms

July 20th

July 20

The party spent 12-hours straight without breaks working on the ritual with the priests who summoned the hunger. When they finish it is 9am. The party naps until 3pm. 

The party ventures to the Labyrinth where Zirrus’s missing warlord apparently went. Thotham and Jane Texas (cjacoby) ventured ahead of the party into the labyrinth, scouting out most of the first floor, while the rest of the party scribed the summoning ritual. Thotham returned briefly once while the dungeon was flooding, and a second time greatly wounded, with Jane’s corpse.

Gzansit takes Jane’s body back to Genne while Thotham rests. He gives Jane’s body, all the donated stuff thus acquired, the 500 gp for a raise dead, and Gzansit’s horse to Feathers, who will leave in the morning for Gardol and then Djerad Thymar in Tymanther to get Jane raised. (Genne: night of July 21. Tymanther border: night of July 22. Djerad Thymar: night of July 23, with both horses very exhausted.)



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