Mist-Shattered Realms

July 15th-16th

July 15th

The party left Gardol on the morning of the 15th of July.

July 16th

And they entered Genne, a small town NE of Gardol, on the afternoon of the 16th. Genne was also attacked by the Waukeenites a few days earlier. The party was going to try and scrape up some supplies for Gardol, as almost anything made from wood had been destroyed. Genne is best known for a supposedly haunted church, which sits atop a hill overlooking the town. Just before dusk, we split up to investigate the town.

Feathers went snooping around the Church. He observed tracks leading into the Church, but none leaving it. Spending some time on a ritual, Feathers spoke to some crows near by. He was able to ask them one question: "What have you seen or observed inside the Church?" Their response was “Nothing has left the Church since the hunger ended. A few days ago a couple two-legged ones like you went in”. We suspect these to be the Waukeenites.

Meanwhile, Jayne was searching for some information in the town library and records hall, but found himself distracted and gained nothing new.

Gzansit, Penny, & Thotham were at the town Tavern looking for donations to the "Save Gardol" fund, collecting a whole 60gp. Jayne and Feathers rejoined the others and decided to talk to the barkeep.

The barkeep told us that the town suffered from a great famine about 30 years ago. To protect the people from it, the clerics of Selune (Goddess of the Moon) cast a spell to protect everyone in the town, including the crops, from hunger. They all feel the hunger pains, but cannot die from starvation. And, about once a month someone wanders into the old Church up on the hill and never comes out.

Gzansit, drinking himself into a stupor, had a holy vision that night. Everyone in Genne had a silver thread protruding from the back of their heads, leading into the ground. Following the threads to their source, they all lead back to the old Church. Inside, a congregation of ghosts sing carols. Against the far wall, a huge dark mass, blacker than the night of a new moon, hovers in place, encompassing the altar. Anchored to the floor by silver a chain. Each link containing an embossed insignia of a crescent moon. Oddly appearing to be in the same phase as the current moon.

The Dark Mass, distorting normal gravity, appears to constantly pull all surroundings into its shadowed bulk. Everything, save for silver cords, just as those protruding from the townsfolks' heads, extend in every direction from the Dark Mass. Occasionally, a flash of white light pulses along each line. 

On his vision quest, Gzansit realizes the townsfolk, as well as all other beings, are and have been completely oblivious to his presence. No one ever made eye-contact with him and his snooping around never seemed to arouse any suspicion. That is, with one major exception; the crows. Each one’s gaze fixed upon his every move. Gzansit crept toward the inky darkness and upon reaching for the chained blackness, rows of gnashing teeth took form, slavering for his flesh.

Meanwhile, Feathers overheard the barkeep mention a human female had also asked questions about the old Church. Searching throughout town with his party (sans Gzansit), they found her- Inspector Zirrus, an inspector from the Chessentan capital Luthcheq, who has been investigating the Waukeenites’ activities. We found her talking to a town records clerk, who kept telling her the documents she needed were in the old Church. Having spoken with her briefly, she agreed to meet with us the next morning, albeit reluctantly, as Jayne and Penny had blatant arcane runes displayed.


It’d be great if someone could jot down what Gzansit dreamt last session. There was a red dragon wyrmling which blew its fire breath at Gzansit, he tried to speak with it to no avail. There were raccoons that caught him after he was suddenly drawn from the room with the dragon, and they patched up his wounds. Other than that, I remember nothing with regards to his dream.

July 15th-16th

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