Mist-Shattered Realms

July 23rd

Party explored 1 of 2 rooms across the Adamantine Razor-Wire Room. Then freed a Genasi Fruit & Veggie-Smith, and then rested.

After waking, we burnt and froze our way to the 2nd door of the ARWR. The room beyond that door and its connecting hallway, contained a Gauth (Med-sized Beholder) and 2 Rust Monsters. We retreated back to the ARWR. Penny created Hedge Wizard Coconut Gauntlets for Jayne. Then Jayne, Alejandro, and Thotham spent a little while swapping on and off the Gauntlets and attempting to untangle the big mess of Adamantine Razor-wire in this room. Successfully extracting 2 pounds worth of wire, we looped each wire around itself to create a 1-pound ball of Adamantine Razor-wire. We ever-so-carefully laid the spheres on Alejandro’s mundane light shield and Jayne flew them into the Monster Room using his Gauntlets. And between Alejandro and Thotham’s tactics, we quickly dispatched it and Jayne helped dispose of the Rust Monsters. However, not before one of them attacked Thotham’s +1 Vengeful Greataxe and disintegrated it, as well as, Alejandro’s Dynamic Longsword. Upon concluding the encounter, we collected the residuum in both Rust Monsters’ gullets and added it to our own impressive amount. XP Rewarded: 300 each (to Jayne, Thotham, Alejandro).

Next, we ventured back to the Genasi Fruit & Veggie-Smith. We paid him (with our wealth of residuum) to create a +2 Vanguard Greataxe for Thotham. Then we took an extended rest, regaining the use of our Daily and Encounter powers, healing surges, hp, and action points.

After-Dawn, July 23rd.

Then we continued through another unexplored hallway (presumably from the rust monster room), which led us to a room containing many chalk lines. Thotham made a Perception check and realized that the floor apparently moved somehow, but how or in what way, was unknown. So Alejandro stepped into the room. Standing upon a “chalkline platform,” he spun around to find that he’d just stepped through a one-way hallway. Knowing full-well not to split up, Thotham stepped through as well. Then Alejandro curiously stepped off the “chalkline platform,” suddenly triggering the floor to rotate 90 degrees clockwise. This movement placed Thotham and Alejandro at the far side of the room, and where once there was floor, now there was a 20-ft-deep pit, where Alejandro was standing. So he took falling damage, and was quickly swarmed by 3 Ghouls and 3 Boneshard Skeletons. Thotham activated Stone’s Endurance and made a “Vertical Charge Attack” and Crit! Alejandro and Thotham dispatched the Undead in melee, whilst Jayne attacked them from the one-way hallway, which provided him with total concealment, granting him combat advantage against all the enemies. XP Rewarded: 333 each (to Jayne, Thotham, Alejandro).

Alejandro currently, somehow has taken possession of the 2 Adamantine Spheres of Razor-Wire.



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