Mist-Shattered Realms

The Story So Far

After being rescued from prison by a scroll transporting the party into the feywild, the party saved the town of Gardol from absolute destruction at the hands of mercenaries from the Temple of Waukeen.

From there, the party broke into a sealed vault under the town hall, retrieving some documents which turned out to be ancient arcane research notes.

Then the party ran off to the woods to the South of Gardol, to intercept another party of adventurers, and prevent them from retrieving an evil book for a necromancer.

The book was acquired and given to Robin Goodfellow, and the PCs returned to the forest to hunt fey in order to acquire spell components for Helga, a witch in Gardol.

Our story continues: The party has returned to Gardol with 2 of the 3 components Helga is looking for, having been told that they should investigate a church in the town of Genne, to the northeast, which has also been attacked by Waukeenites.


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