Mist-Shattered Realms

July 23rd

Party explored 1 of 2 rooms across the Adamantine Razor-Wire Room. Then freed a Genasi Fruit & Veggie-Smith, and then rested.

After waking, we burnt and froze our way to the 2nd door of the ARWR. The room beyond that door and its connecting hallway, contained a Gauth (Med-sized Beholder) and 2 Rust Monsters. We retreated back to the ARWR. Penny created Hedge Wizard Coconut Gauntlets for Jayne. Then Jayne, Alejandro, and Thotham spent a little while swapping on and off the Gauntlets and attempting to untangle the big mess of Adamantine Razor-wire in this room. Successfully extracting 2 pounds worth of wire, we looped each wire around itself to create a 1-pound ball of Adamantine Razor-wire. We ever-so-carefully laid the spheres on Alejandro’s mundane light shield and Jayne flew them into the Monster Room using his Gauntlets. And between Alejandro and Thotham’s tactics, we quickly dispatched it and Jayne helped dispose of the Rust Monsters. However, not before one of them attacked Thotham’s +1 Vengeful Greataxe and disintegrated it, as well as, Alejandro’s Dynamic Longsword. Upon concluding the encounter, we collected the residuum in both Rust Monsters’ gullets and added it to our own impressive amount. XP Rewarded: 300 each (to Jayne, Thotham, Alejandro).

Next, we ventured back to the Genasi Fruit & Veggie-Smith. We paid him (with our wealth of residuum) to create a +2 Vanguard Greataxe for Thotham. Then we took an extended rest, regaining the use of our Daily and Encounter powers, healing surges, hp, and action points.

After-Dawn, July 23rd.

Then we continued through another unexplored hallway (presumably from the rust monster room), which led us to a room containing many chalk lines. Thotham made a Perception check and realized that the floor apparently moved somehow, but how or in what way, was unknown. So Alejandro stepped into the room. Standing upon a “chalkline platform,” he spun around to find that he’d just stepped through a one-way hallway. Knowing full-well not to split up, Thotham stepped through as well. Then Alejandro curiously stepped off the “chalkline platform,” suddenly triggering the floor to rotate 90 degrees clockwise. This movement placed Thotham and Alejandro at the far side of the room, and where once there was floor, now there was a 20-ft-deep pit, where Alejandro was standing. So he took falling damage, and was quickly swarmed by 3 Ghouls and 3 Boneshard Skeletons. Thotham activated Stone’s Endurance and made a “Vertical Charge Attack” and Crit! Alejandro and Thotham dispatched the Undead in melee, whilst Jayne attacked them from the one-way hallway, which provided him with total concealment, granting him combat advantage against all the enemies. XP Rewarded: 333 each (to Jayne, Thotham, Alejandro).

Alejandro currently, somehow has taken possession of the 2 Adamantine Spheres of Razor-Wire.

July 22nd

Thotham, Feathers, and Zirrus continued exploring the dungeon. They ran into and destroyed a few constructs.

Gzansit and Jayne run into a priest waiting for them on the Tymanther border. They are told that the priest had a dream that that was where he would be needed then, and he performs Jayne’s ressurection. In order to help Jayne return to the party faster, Gzansit bought him a one way Shadow Coach ride there.

July 21st

Rhodri, Thotham, and Zirrus continued exploring the dungeon at dawn. They gained access to the second floor of the dungeon, and found only vicious traps and chests full of gold. After taking some serious wounds from a particularly nasty deathtrap, they exited to rest again for most of the day.

Re-entering the labyrinth in the afternoon, they found the well-chewed corpses of a half-dozen Chessentan soldiers.

Now serving freshly-chopped Grick, Carrion Crawler Stew, and Otyugh Flambe.

July 20th

July 20

The party spent 12-hours straight without breaks working on the ritual with the priests who summoned the hunger. When they finish it is 9am. The party naps until 3pm. 

The party ventures to the Labyrinth where Zirrus’s missing warlord apparently went. Thotham and Jane Texas (cjacoby) ventured ahead of the party into the labyrinth, scouting out most of the first floor, while the rest of the party scribed the summoning ritual. Thotham returned briefly once while the dungeon was flooding, and a second time greatly wounded, with Jane’s corpse.

Gzansit takes Jane’s body back to Genne while Thotham rests. He gives Jane’s body, all the donated stuff thus acquired, the 500 gp for a raise dead, and Gzansit’s horse to Feathers, who will leave in the morning for Gardol and then Djerad Thymar in Tymanther to get Jane raised. (Genne: night of July 21. Tymanther border: night of July 22. Djerad Thymar: night of July 23, with both horses very exhausted.)

July 19th
July 19
The party, waking up at the Inn in Genne, discusses its options with regard to the Hunger. Tonight is the new moon, and we know that it will devour a victim tonight. We decide to stop the hunger from feeding tonight, to buy some time. For a week, we will reverse engineer the original ritual. Another week, altering it to destroy it. And at the full moon, we destroy the hunger!

Zirrus comes to our room, and asks for help retrieving some things from a tomb near by. And, she has a secret mission, which she cannot tell us unless we accept to embark upon it. For either of these tasks, she offers a letter of mark, which allows anyone named a licensed Chessenta government agent, including right of execution of any servants of Waukeen within the borders or elsewhere. The letter of mark will protect legal arcane usage as long as you permit no crimes against the government of Chessenta.

Crimes include:
  • Violence to an official of the government
  • Anything which qualifies as treason

Party decides that this is a good idea, Chessenta is not mis-algined with our goals. And, Chessenta is against the Waukeenites, which the party has killed, and will likely kill again. Thus, Imaskar is our enemy (Imaskar is home to the church of Waukeen and The Architects).

We agree to the secret errand with Zirrus, in exchange for her delaying a day and fighting the hunger with us tonight. The High Warlord's (Queen's) Brother went missing a few days ago. He was out hunting and disappeared. A rescue party followed his trail to a labyrinth, about a day west of Genne. No one was able to find him within it.

Zirrus was instructed to gather whatever resources she could and attempt to penetrate the labyrinth and rescue him before he is devoured by the strange monsters lost inside. She explains discreteness is required as his disappearance has not been announced, and should the public discover he is missing, his admirers will start blaming his sister, staring a potential civil war or uprising.

Penny, through knowledge in some of her bardic songs, tells us the labyrinth was made by a powerful wizard convict. The government was chasing him down, and he was sick of running, and decided to make it impossible for people to find him. He built a new home, the entrance which which is a labyrinth, filled with random monsters he found wondering around the realm. They are now lost within the labyrinth. Legend has it, if he is still alive, no one has hard from him for the last decade, and he is likely insane.

Rhodri joins the party at the Inn, having overheard our next mission. We immediately trust him.

Waiting until nightfall, just outside the church, the party ties a goat to a poll. Three ghosts of the priests of selune leave the church, and engage the party in combat.

After the combat, we talk to the priests. They agree to allow us to borrow the holly symbol from the basement/storage so long as we return it to a living priest of selune. Andrew takes the oath to do so. We also convince them to visit the mayor of the town and explain the situation to him.

The ghosts go through the floor, and from the side of the church, out comes a nagga bearing a holy symbol in its mouth, it deposits it at our feet, then slithers away from us, back through the myst. We identify it as "Moonlight Medallion" level 7 Holy Symbol. Sacrifice any divine encounter power to cast divine glow. Any cast gives you CHA mod +1 to attacks, and it is also a Holy Symbol +2.

The ghosts follow us into town, and go through the walls, into the bed chamber of the mayor. The mayor runs out the door in his bed clothes and says "I believe you now!"

The party stays up all night learning what we can from the ghosts to decipher the notes of the spell that cast the hunger. Those four members with arcana cast checks. And made endurance checks to continue all night without penalty. Those who fail lost a healing surge.

Though it cost 150% of what it should have, we established a ritual which will bind all the hunger in an area, chaining it into one space. DM explains: it takes the spirit of the geographical area, separating its hunger. It takes something whole and immaterial, makes it not whole, and takes the hunger part of that whole and makes it material. It's an 8th level ritual, and we are unsure if the party can cast it. And we probably need three casters to use it effectively. At the moment, it is in an incastable state, and if anyone dies, we lose the work we've done. It will cost 680gp to write it out.
July 18th

July 18

The party broke into the basement of the church. They found a naga guarding a crypt there, and it let them past, though it locked them in. They then found the former high priest’s journal, another set of ancient research documents, and the church’s coffers. They used these to buy more stuff for Gardol.

It is now nearing morning of the 19th… that night is the night of the new moon, when the bonds holding back the hunger are weakest.

July 17th

July 17th

At the Inn

The next morning, much to Inspector Zirrus’ surprise, Gzansit shared the scroll we found in the vault beneath Gardol’s Town Hall.

Zirrus called the scroll (which was research from which the original mist spell was made) arcane trash. She said The Architects may want to refine their magics or prevent others from discovering them, which explains why they desired this artifact.

We revealed our theories- that much of the town might already be dead, and that the hunger trapped inside the Church seemed to be keeping them alive artificially. And, that once a month, upon the New Moon, someone from the town, usually a visitor, would wander into the Church and never return.

She said she needed to see what was inside the church, and was willing to burn it down and sort through the ruins- as she alone dared not go inside. As we said we were willing, she agreed to join us.

We talked to the town Mayor before embarking. He seemed to think the idea that the church was somehow related to their famine was all myth- and that the Church must be simply haunted by some undead or the like. Gzansit suggested leaving livestock out for this may dull the hunger sufficiently as to avoid human sacrifice.

At the old Church, we battled what looked like the ghosts of the priests who originally started this spell. Upon reducing their life force, they regained normal consciousness and stopped trying to possess us and move into the hunger to be devoured. It seemed that the ghosts were trying to have everyone relive their death- over and over.

Although he did not die, the hunger managed to get Thotham, biting him again and again dealing plenty of damage. He managed to grab whatever was on the altar, but simply got a prayer book.

The priests then asked us what we were doing here. As the party questioned him, we discovered that the priests did not intend for their spell to do what it did. They thought they were protecting everyone, not summoning this thing. And for that- they have been trapped here for 30 years, constantly feeding it every new moon, when their lunar magic is too weak to hold the hunger and they must feed it. While their monthly sacrifices have kept it at bay for 30-years, it has been growing slowly, and shall continue to, unless they feed it at an increased schedule.

Party rested from their fight with the trap haunt, then went shopping. Feathers left with a couple sets of fishing gear for Gardol.


An old man approached the party. Gzansit saw through his illusions however; he was actually a dwarf, and the necromancer which was seeking the junglerazor book. Gzansit turned him in to Inspector Zirrus, and after a long chase, they caught him, and she tattooed his hand. The party acquired a rod and a silk web holding a hatchling red dragon’s soul from the necromancer, and immediately turned the rod into essentia, then a shiny dagger.

July 15th-16th

July 15th

The party left Gardol on the morning of the 15th of July.

July 16th

And they entered Genne, a small town NE of Gardol, on the afternoon of the 16th. Genne was also attacked by the Waukeenites a few days earlier. The party was going to try and scrape up some supplies for Gardol, as almost anything made from wood had been destroyed. Genne is best known for a supposedly haunted church, which sits atop a hill overlooking the town. Just before dusk, we split up to investigate the town.

Feathers went snooping around the Church. He observed tracks leading into the Church, but none leaving it. Spending some time on a ritual, Feathers spoke to some crows near by. He was able to ask them one question: "What have you seen or observed inside the Church?" Their response was “Nothing has left the Church since the hunger ended. A few days ago a couple two-legged ones like you went in”. We suspect these to be the Waukeenites.

Meanwhile, Jayne was searching for some information in the town library and records hall, but found himself distracted and gained nothing new.

Gzansit, Penny, & Thotham were at the town Tavern looking for donations to the "Save Gardol" fund, collecting a whole 60gp. Jayne and Feathers rejoined the others and decided to talk to the barkeep.

The barkeep told us that the town suffered from a great famine about 30 years ago. To protect the people from it, the clerics of Selune (Goddess of the Moon) cast a spell to protect everyone in the town, including the crops, from hunger. They all feel the hunger pains, but cannot die from starvation. And, about once a month someone wanders into the old Church up on the hill and never comes out.

Gzansit, drinking himself into a stupor, had a holy vision that night. Everyone in Genne had a silver thread protruding from the back of their heads, leading into the ground. Following the threads to their source, they all lead back to the old Church. Inside, a congregation of ghosts sing carols. Against the far wall, a huge dark mass, blacker than the night of a new moon, hovers in place, encompassing the altar. Anchored to the floor by silver a chain. Each link containing an embossed insignia of a crescent moon. Oddly appearing to be in the same phase as the current moon.

The Dark Mass, distorting normal gravity, appears to constantly pull all surroundings into its shadowed bulk. Everything, save for silver cords, just as those protruding from the townsfolks' heads, extend in every direction from the Dark Mass. Occasionally, a flash of white light pulses along each line. 

On his vision quest, Gzansit realizes the townsfolk, as well as all other beings, are and have been completely oblivious to his presence. No one ever made eye-contact with him and his snooping around never seemed to arouse any suspicion. That is, with one major exception; the crows. Each one’s gaze fixed upon his every move. Gzansit crept toward the inky darkness and upon reaching for the chained blackness, rows of gnashing teeth took form, slavering for his flesh.

Meanwhile, Feathers overheard the barkeep mention a human female had also asked questions about the old Church. Searching throughout town with his party (sans Gzansit), they found her- Inspector Zirrus, an inspector from the Chessentan capital Luthcheq, who has been investigating the Waukeenites’ activities. We found her talking to a town records clerk, who kept telling her the documents she needed were in the old Church. Having spoken with her briefly, she agreed to meet with us the next morning, albeit reluctantly, as Jayne and Penny had blatant arcane runes displayed.

The Story So Far

After being rescued from prison by a scroll transporting the party into the feywild, the party saved the town of Gardol from absolute destruction at the hands of mercenaries from the Temple of Waukeen.

From there, the party broke into a sealed vault under the town hall, retrieving some documents which turned out to be ancient arcane research notes.

Then the party ran off to the woods to the South of Gardol, to intercept another party of adventurers, and prevent them from retrieving an evil book for a necromancer.

The book was acquired and given to Robin Goodfellow, and the PCs returned to the forest to hunt fey in order to acquire spell components for Helga, a witch in Gardol.

Our story continues: The party has returned to Gardol with 2 of the 3 components Helga is looking for, having been told that they should investigate a church in the town of Genne, to the northeast, which has also been attacked by Waukeenites.


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