Tag: Chessenta


  • Helga Cagreant

    Helga asked the party to retrieve for her an Undine's heart, a Goblin's eye, and a Centaur's hoof, in return for the whereabouts of a powerful two-bladed sword.

  • Inspector Zirrus

    This muscular 5'4" brunette would perhaps be attractive, if she ever smiled, rather than a perpetual glower and seeming always on the edge of violence. Not much is known about this fire priestess. She is a military agent, charged with investigating the …

  • Franz Otiluke

    Franz grew up a bright and inquisitive child in the military regime of Chessenta, son of a wealthy merchant in Mordulkin. As a rebellious teenager, he and some friends regularly explored abandoned buildings without his parents' knowledge. Then they …