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  • Gardol

    [[List of notable places]]

    Gardol is a small town in [[Chessenta]] which was largely destroyed by a warlock in the service of the [[Temple of Waukeen]].

    It is currently rebuilding. Rather than accept aid from the Queen in return for taxes …

  • Genne

    Genne is a small town of several hundred in [[Chessenta]]. Its most prominent feature is a large church on a hill overlooking the whole town, confirmed to be haunted.

    Reportedly, a necromancer is hiding somewhere in the town.

    The town is …

  • Chessenta

    Chessenta is a military state ruled by the warlord Shala Karanok, from its capital city of Luthcheq. It is the enemy of [[High Imaskar]], and the ally of the dragonborn nation [[Tymanther]]. Chessenta's other large city is Mordulkin, and the remainder of …

  • High Imaskar

    [[List of notable places]]


    The Kingdom of High Imaskar has a long magical tradition, which has survived strongly preserved by its hidden sister nation, [[Deep Imaskar]], lying under it in the Underdark.

    The kingdom is ruled by …

  • Tymanther

    Tymanther is a statocratic dragonborn kingdom. Its rulers are elected from the body of its highest ranked generals by popular vote of those with military rank every 10 years. Generally at least twenty years of exemplary military service and at least one …