Chessenta is a military state ruled by the warlord Shala Karanok, from its capital city of Luthcheq. It is the enemy of High Imaskar, and the ally of the dragonborn nation Tymanther. Chessenta’s other large city is Mordulkin, and the remainder of its lands are scattered small towns.

Due to its animosity as history with Imaskar, Chessentans distrust all arcane magic. Arcanists are required to accept magic denying tattoos on their palms if they wish to enter any Chessentan cities, and it is regular practice to impose these tattoos on prisoners of war.

Chessenta’s primary religion is worship of the primordial Kossuth. It is said that Chessenta was founded by King Tchazzar, the Great Red Dragon, a man who ascended to demigodhood while battling sahaugin, who then returned in dragon form to free the nation of slaves from its Imaskari overlords. He ruled until the world broke, and has been unaccounted for since. Chessentan legends say that he was badly injured in the world’s breaking, and has slept since, healing in a tomb hidden somewhere under Chessenta’s hills, and that one day, when the tomb is discovered and unburied, their lord will return to rule them once again.

To Chessenta’s northeast is a lawless province known as Threskel. In this region, an active volcano, Mount Thulbane, spews a constant cloud of ash, leaving the land perpetually dark and grey. In this volcano lives an ancient vampiric dragon, who claims the nearby lands as his own; unwary of daylight blocked by the ash. The region is full of undead, necromancers, and people and animals used as food.


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