List of notable places

Gardol is a small town in Chessenta which was largely destroyed by a warlock in the service of the Temple of Waukeen.

It is currently rebuilding. Rather than accept aid from the Queen in return for taxes they cannot pay, the townsfolk killed the tax inspector. Most of the townsfolk do not expect to survive the winter. They are too small and far from the Chessentan capital to draw much notice for their disobedience very fast.


Notable NPCs in the area include the witch Helga, who can provide healing, potions, and medicines, and the mayor Jordan Wrill.

26 fishing kits

2 carts

5500 lbs pine lumber

18 builder’s kits

Gardol is in terrible shape, and likely cannot survive the winter. If its to do so, it needs to rebuild enough shelter for its 350 adults and 120 children, and food for them. They have some small amount of fishing and hunting supplies, but most is destroyed. If the PCs can find a way to save the town, the Mayor will give them his grandfather’s magic harpoon.


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